With any of the products and services from Promovec your company will benefit from a wide array of advantages among others well thought out and throughly tested modular concepts, extensive after sales service, European logistics and stock plus fast assembly and assistance on site when starting up production.


- we want to make you satisfied
When our customers are faced with challenges - small or large - we are always ready with an answer. Typically when dealing with smaller challenges – when our customers need tips with maintaining components or wants to know how best to assemble an e-bike – advice will be given over the phone, via Skype or email. Our service department also proactively educate all our dealers and partners by holding an annual dealer event at our headquarter in Aarhus, Denmark and we also regularly hold seminars for our partners at their locations. At Promovec we also aim to offer our customers high-quality products and as the Scandinavian climate makes great demands on the sturdiness and reliability of e-bikes, it has always been important to continually check whether the product quality meets these high requirements. Therefore our test department continually performs tests on both complete e-bikes and individual components. This gives us excellent information regarding the product quality and it allows us to take action in time if we find any manufacturing errors. The test department, which has a wide range of test equipment, also plays an important part in the ongoing efforts to improve and develop our bikes and individual parts. Before we start using newly developed components, we carry out a vast number of tests. Only when we have achieved satisfactory results, the new components are ready to be used.


- increasing flexiblity and adaptability
One key advantage you will have when choosing Promovec as your partner is that we provide you and your organisation withoptions and possibilities. This means you will have optimal abilities to adapt to your customer needs and remain flexible. Any one of our solutions and products can be customized according to your specific needs and desires. For example, on our battery systems you have the opportunity of choosing any one of our three different engines: a front-engine, mid-engine or rear engine. We have 9 different displays, all of which can be mounted on the various battery system. They all fit, because they have the same protocol and we run the same system throughout our solutions. So when we have 5 engine system, 5 carrier systems and 9 displays, you are presented with many different possibilities to choose from. This means you - with Promovec as you partner - have the possibility to get more than a standard bicycle and through our unique set-up can combine our products to optimally suit your needs and price range.


- Benefiting from compentences and capabilities built since 2001
When choosing Promovec as your partner your company will benefit from the intricate logistical set-up we have built up since 2001. Together with our global sourcing and logistics partners our capabilities extend not only to developing beautiful and highly functional e-bikes. With us you will have easy access to tried and tested European e-bike manufacturers competencies as well as stock. Together with Promovec’s global freight network you will be ensured no down time, fast and secure delivery of components and complete e-bikes plus transportation of your goods by any means fitting your company’s needs. You will have nothing to worry about and you will be able to make transactions in local currencies as well as you will have a skilled European staff at your disposal offering competent advice and an ability to solve any grievances and challenges you might have. Also, with Promovec’s representation in many European countries we are always close by and able to deploy at moments notice if needed.


- Everything we do is built with simplicity, ease of use and usability in mind
This means that both our products and our services are made to make life easy for our customers. With our specially developed socket box concept you will be able to service our products quickly and easily. Using our manuals and software any defects or problems arising from use are detected immediately and defect parts can be changed instantly. Also, when we initiate cooperation with new partners or start up production on partner sites we are very conscious of the knowledge transfer process. Therefore, we have extensive built in processes for new partnerships which ensure optimal cooperation from the onset. Moreover, Promovec offers assistance on partner sites helping in the initial stages of new production and also aid in offering advice in regards to best practice and latest production technology.

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Pro-Movec A/S offers 2-year capacity warranty on Pro-Movec batteries purchased for private use. The battery must be registered within 8 days from purchase of the battery.