At Promovec A/S we have more than 10 years experience in the development, design and service of e-bike components and complete systems. All our interactions with our customers have made us realize, that the market demand now is for fast deli­ve­ries and highly durable products at competitive price points. These facts combined with the realization that our customers are facing ever more complex and inflexible supply chains have made us decide to develop what we call the “Ready-to-order Programme”. With this solution, we are able to offer our customers a wide variety of standard e-bikes which have all been tried and tested as well as EN15194 approved all while still being able to

make vast modifications in regards to functionality and design. With Pro-Movec’s “Ready-to-order Programme” our customers will have a wide variety of benefits at their disposal such as fast delivery of samples, large scale European production facilities at low costs, all quality and control issues handled, as well as a continual flow of innovations and new models to choose from. In short, our customers will have access to prime quality pro­ducts at highly competitive prices and will not have to worry about anything in relation to production. They will be able to focus solely on selling their e-bikes.

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Pro-Movec A/S offers 2-year capacity warranty on Pro-Movec batteries purchased for private use. The battery must be registered within 8 days from purchase of the battery.