When you enter our door you are recieved by a specialised customer team and our team insist on finding the right solution based on your needs and desires.

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Customer Team
E-Bike Solution
From initial contact through to first delivery, you - the customer - will be in focus.

Through close dialgue and deep process understanding we will find the right solution to suit your needs, whether it’s an e-kit solution, individual e-bike components or a complete bike.
As a customer with Promovec you are assigned the same customer team throughout the cooperation process.

Together with the customer our teams uncover the clients needs and desires.

Our customer team is composed of various experts who all act as the customer’s professional sparring partner. Through extensive know-how we ensure that our customers receive the most competent service in all aspects from A-Z throughout the process. At the same time strive to know our customers well, We uncover specific needs also reflecting on their position in the market and other case specific idiosyncrasies in order to find the best e-bike option. It is important for us that we can help our customers to be competitive in their respective markets. in other words our focus is on the customer.

Our customer team consists of the following expertise: sales, purchasing and engineering

In addition, the team has contact with other experts inhouse, for example in software engineering, logistics, supply chain management, graphic design and marketing.
We generally offer three types of e-bike solutions to our customers: e-bike components, e-bike solutions and complete e-bikes.

As a customer you have the opportunity to select individual e-bike components, choice of the right e-kit solution consisting of a motor, display and controller which can be combined as the customer needs, or you can get a complete e-bike with wheels, frame and all components.

Our various e-kits are not just packages, but within each kit, you can choose to create a solution that matches exactly what you’re looking for in an e-bike.

When you are a new customer the process starts quickly, if you choose to put together your e-kit among the different options we have. We will constantly advise a course of action always acting as your sparring partner. There is also the possibility that we can develop e-bike solutions from scratch together with our customers. This process is obviously more time consuming and more expensive than if our clients put together a package from our existing offer.

In this process it is also important that the finished components and e-bike solutions are thoroughly tested and meets the needs of the customer.
Throughout the process of cooperation, we take pride in providing valuable service and advice.

Once the customer has received her components, e-kits or complete e-bikes, The cooperation does not cease. We always have spare parts should the customer be in need of this. We also offer training within our products and service.

We are also there when our customers start the first production of electric bicycles. In connection with the production start-up, we in example demonstrate best practices and we are ready to help. In other words we strive for preparing you as our customer to serve your customers in the best possible way.







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