The design and construction of Promovec’s e-bikes and e-kits is an ongoing process where the colors and the visual lines are combined with the latest trends in electronics, software and mechanical construction. Guiding principles in everything we do is also our vision, mission and our values


Our vision is to always remain at the forefront of innovative e-bike products and solutions and eco-friendly transportation. We want to impact and effect the challenges facing the world today regarding urbanization, lack of space in modern cities as well as environmental concerns in a positive way. We will fulfill our vision by continuously challenge status quo and raising the bar in the development of e-bikes and by delivering excellence in design, production, distribution and after sales service.


Promovec’s mission is to provide excellent, competent and qualified e-bike solutions, Promovec covers the need for efficient and eco-friendly transportation in everyday life and in the leisure time for European adults of all ages. Through intelligent development and sourcing processes we create well thought out, visually attractive, high-functionality products while applying high-tech quality materials and state-of-the-art software. We are ambitious in our desire to give our customers superior and cost effective solutions and ultimately the end users a fantastic riding experience


Customer focus
At Promovec we treat each other and our customers with the respect we prefer being treated with ourselves. We value different points of views and believe that any problem can be solved through an open and constructive dialogue. Also, we believe that respect towards other people is best demonstrated by being polite and kind. Lastly, we adopt a mind-set where speaking directly, always being on point and treating each other as equals are valued traits.
Needless to say it is imperative for any organisation today to insist on serving the needs of its customers. Constantly staying vigilant to general market trends as well as input from customers is something we are very conscious of. Therefore, Promovec regularly holds service seminars for our partners, continuously surveys our partners level of satisfaction as well as welcome any opportunity for interaction and dialogue. Also, when working with Promovec you will be met by a customer team who will be with you throughout the process from idea to project completion, delivery, follow up and support because we believe that only by a deep understanding for our customers and their every day challenges can we contribute positively to their bottom line and fullfill their needs.
At Promovec we treasure the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. We set high standards in regards to our products and services. We are determined to live up to our promises to our customers and the end-users. Because of this we have also achieved an AA rating from BISNODE plus the EN 15194 standard for Electronically Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC) officially announced by the National Standards Boards (NSBs) of 30 countries – 27 EU member states and Iceland, Norway and Switzerland of the European Free Trade Association. We also constantly survey best practice and stay current on matter relating to applicable legislature. Lastly, we only employ professionals who set the highest standards in order to ensure your projects are in safe hands and will receive the right solutions based on your needs and desires.
In order to perform at the highest level and deliver on our promises we employ a wide range of top industry specialists ranging from Supply Chain Managers, Sales Coordinators and Service Technicians to Engineers and Marketing professionals. This set-up enables us to understand our customers and ultimately the end user and target consumers’ attitudes and beliefs on a deep level and thereby we are able to solve the challenges facing our customers and adress their needs and desires.

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Pro-Movec A/S offers 2-year capacity warranty on Pro-Movec batteries purchased for private use. The battery must be registered within 8 days from purchase of the battery.